Проверь свой уровень знания английского языка:

1. Open the brackets: The user of this interface has precise control over where in the list each element _________ (to insert).

2. Put the words in the right order: Unavailable currently is server the

3. What tense is used? If we run this code, “ConcurrentModificationException” will be raised since the code modifies the collection while iterating it.

4. Open the brackets: Let us ______ (to examine) the effects of breaking the first rule:

5.1. Translate following sentence into English
: Я уверен, мы найдем способ решить эту проблему

5.2. Translate following sentence into English: Мы решили воплотить эту идею.

6.1. Provide Russian translation: сondition

6.2. Provide Russian translation: ordered collection

6.3. Provide Russian translation: collapse the comment

6.4. Provide Russian translation: enable

6.5. Provide Russian translation: consequence

6.6. Provide Russian translation: аrray

7.1. Provide English translation: запрос

7.2. Provide English translation: значение индекса

7.3. Provide English translation: Не меньше

7.4. Provide English translation: Расписание